Friday, September 12, 2014

1 John 2: Spoken Word

1-6: Dear friends, I want you to hear me so that you will not sin. But we will, and we do, so Jesus Christ the righteous stands to hide us from the crisis of God’s wrath and buy us with His priceless blood. 

We know that we know Him if we are not slow to obey Him. If I say that I know Him and it doesn’t show as I grow in obedience, the dark is still eating away at my heart. But if I keep what He preached then the love of God is being perfected in me. 

If you say you know God you better not blow it and show it by planting your feet in the footprints He left for you to follow. 

7-14: Friends, these ideas aren’t new, they grew from the beginning with the few who heard and were faithful. But at the same time they are new because the Light grew and the darkness flew away before it. 

If we say we love the Light and hate our brothers and sisters in the faith, then our fate is in the darkness. Those who live in the Light, love in the Light and shine so bright there’s no chance someone might trip. But those who hate live in great darkness, blind leading the blind and tripping each other all the time. But our sins have been cleansed. 

                Fathers, God has been forever, and you know Him.
                Young men, you have overcome the evil one and sin.
                Children, you know the Father and you love Him

15-17: So don’t love the world and anything is has to offer. If you love the world, you don’t really know your Father. The world is dying, like maple leaves in October, but if you do the Father’s will you will never slow dance to the freezing ground.

18-29: The world does not sneak her deception and lies into the church under the cover of night when she can walk right in, boldly in broad daylight peddling her wares in plain sight. But the world’s associates don’t associate for very long. They sell her goods and say, “So long, fair church, we sang your songs and then easily set you on the path of wrong.”

Can’t you recognize a lie?! The wares of the world are so obvious to the anointed eye! They say, “All this love and goodness is well and fine, but please, no more talk about the Son of God who died to rid us of our sin and pride.” The world rejects the Son and so cannot stand before the Father’s throne, but we who kneel before the throne and confess the risen Son will rise and stand with all the rest robed in the Saviour’s righteousness and eternal blessedness.

You don’t need me to spell this out, it has been spoken to your heart by the Spirit’s mouth. So don’t doubt, but follow what He has already taught you about. 

Abide in Him. When He comes riding on the clouds in glory you will be able to stand in confidence knowing that His righteousness is yours and you are born of Him.

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