This Is Me

Elsie. Anne.

Consecrated unto God. By His grace.

This hasn't always been my name, but this has always been my reality. Before the foundation of the world I was consecrated, and only by grace.

It has been a journey of grace pain ever since.

From conception He's been preparing me for the works He created me to do (Ephesians 2:10). Along the way He's removed obstacles to accomplishing those purposes.

He started with the stranglehold of the Enemy on my young life and bought me with blood love 2,000 years ago. 'Twill be my theme in glory, to tell the old, old story of Jesus and His love.

Then He began to remodel and renew a very broken heart. He took every earthly thing I was prone to grasp and left my hands empty, but full of Him. He took my confidence in myself, He took my entitlement to a future marriage relationship, He took what I thought was my authority, He took my right to a normal, comfortable life, and most recently He took even my name.

Our name is our identity, and I was being chained with mine. The expectation of perfection and beauty were too great, so He granted grace. My eternal name is written in the annals of the New Jerusalem. He calls me by it and I am His.

Consecrated. By grace.

Now my vision is Him, and to extend grace to all His beloved creatures. Grace greater than all our sin. He is greater. And by His grace He is making me greater in the Kingdom.

It hurts. Especially when I fall. But grace is always present, always in me. Because He is in me.

Though I have confidence in the name He calls me by, my greatest confidence is in His name.

Jesus. Christ.