Friday, November 29, 2013

The Value of Why

We are valuable, you and I. Yes, we are! But it isn't enough to just know that - at least not for me. My favorite question is why. I ask it of everything, and I'll ask it of this.

Why? Why are we valuable. The why makes all the difference.

I know the answer, the right answer to this question. We are valuable because we are made in the image of God and have been redeemed by the precious, priceless blood of Christ. 

But is that always our answer to why? 

How often do we, do I, base the daily actions of my life on a different answer? In the past week I have lived according to countless different answers. I have been valuable because of my friends, because of my family, because of my job, because of my school, because of my character, because of my skills, talents, abilities, and accomplishments - everything pertaining to me. When, in reality, everything pertains only to Christ. 

I am valuable only because of His cross, His blood, His suffering, His obedience, His deity, His life, His death, His coming to life again, His power, His grace, His character, and His accomplishments. 

Come. Stand with me here. On these things. Let's not go back, but let's rely on His grace to find our value here and to find the value of others here as well. 

Lift your gaze to Him who stands to bestow your rightful value upon you. 

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