Friday, November 29, 2013

Watchword 2014

"In repentance and rest you will be saved, in quietness and trust is your strength." -Isaiah 30:15

Every year I pick a word, a watchword, a talisman, one word that holds expectation and hope for the New Year, and a challenge to growth. My words seem to change things, or maybe they just make me more aware of what would have been anyway. It's a way to focus my eye on His grace, to really see. 

Watchword 2013 has been anticipation. Anticipation of Christ's return and all that He can work in the hearts of His people, through sorrow and through joy. And oh, there has been sorrow, grief, depression deeper than any I have ever known, but I have also learned how unfathomable is the depth of His comfort. And yes, there has been joy too, and only more to come, I know, because He is good and He is love and He is teaching me how to love. 

And even though my watchword will change, I do not want to stop learning the lessons of anticipation. There will still be much to anticipate this coming year, and always His return must keep hearts anticipating. 

The verse above must be my theme for 2014, to find my strength in rest and trust as I wait for the Lord's sovereign provision over finances, travel, ministry, and relationships. 

And from it, this will be my

Watchword 2014: Rest

Join me this year as I learn the lifelong lesson of resting in the arms of my Saviour, arms that can be depended on to protect and provide in all of life's circumstances. 

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