Thursday, July 18, 2013

Powerless Fog

Faithful, ever faithful God,
Walks with me through choking fog.
He holds the hand that trembles hard 
And one more step is possible.
Though the moon rises on tear-stained visage
Dawn meets the same hand clinging. 

Loving, ever loving God,
Gently lifts my pitying eyes.
He reminds me where pure Love died
That I might know His sufficiency. 
Though I pine after all that is not,
Truth says I lack nothing.

Patient, ever patient God,
Listens to my river of frustrations.
Doesn't tell me I should know better,
But will teach me until I do.
Though I forget the sun through every night
He lectures sunrise over and over.

Trusting, ever trusting God
To be ever faithful, loving, patient.
The trembling are closest to Him,
The empty are fullest of light,
The forgetful get to remember who He is.
The fog can do nothing to me. 

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