Sunday, January 27, 2013

When Grief Runs Deep

I didn't know him. But at a school our size, I know dozens who did.

It happened here - in our gym. And it could have been any of us.

A freshman. Eighteen years old. With parents and siblings, and a roommate.

Gone. To be with Jesus.

And though this close community could be breathing out in sobs why? why him? why here? why now? I feel us all instead sighing together to speed His return.

The only consistent, unchanging One; the only sure, dependable One tarries and waits to show His face to us, but we cling to the promises; we take hope in death's grip, and we anticipate His coming. 

It may be to some sooner than others. Yesterday the waiting ended for one of us, but we wait still.

Lord, make us patient.

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  1. It is so hard to understand why the Lord would allow something like this to happen -- to someone on fire for the Lord with great potential for ministry and already impacting other lives for Christ. I knew this young man. He is from my hometown and was good friends with my brothers, one of whom is the same age as Micah. We were all devastated when we got the call last night. We don't know why, but the Lord does and may His will be worked out for good in something that, to us, seems so tragic.