Tuesday, May 8, 2012

When Fate Married Time

I found this poem today; I believe I wrote it last summer sometime. It is a reflection on evolutionism v. creationism, but... hopefully you are able to gather that by reading the poem. :)

The mountains framed the majesty
of a flame-filled sky at dawn.
People say, "Take warning
on red sky mornings."

Beautiful. The word startled me.
No, it cannot be. Refracted light
is all I see. Simply formed
when fate married time.

The night had passed, Orion
shone, always recognized.
Pinpricks through dark carpet
enjoyed by many men.

Ordered. I reeled,
the word slapped my
face hard. Simply formed
when fate married time.

Like a cougar scream, a cry
pierces the rosy dawn.
Awake, my heart leaps with joy,
arms overwhelmed with love.

Love. Can it be true
for us, or only chemicals
running wild? Simply formed
when fate married time.

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