Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Today's Grace

- Not failing my only final after sleeping in twenty minutes after it started.
- Hugs and kisses from my ESL ladies.
- Sweat dripping from hard workout.
- Red breasted robin outside the gym window.
- Her eggs, blue eyes embraced by thick brown lashes, perched on the window sill.
- Everyone packing; excitement of home.
- The anticipation of a home-cooked meal.
- "It is a wonderful thing to be really one with a risen and exalted Saviour, to be a member of Christ! Think what it involved. Can Christ be rich and I poor? Can your right hand be rich and your left poor? or your head by well fed while your body starves? Again. think of its bearing on prayer. Could a bank clerk say to a customer, "It was only your hand, not you that wrote that check"; or "I cannot pay this sum to your hand, but only to yourself"? No more can your prayers or mine be discredited if offered in the name of Jesus (i.e., not for the sake of Jesus merely, but on the ground that we are His, His members) so long as we keep within the limits of Christ's credit - a tolerably wide limit! If we ask for anything unscriptural, or not in accordance with the will of God, Christ Himself could not do that. But 'if we ask anything according to His will ... we know that we have the petition we desired of Him.'" -Hudson Taylor

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