Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm scared.

I have no need to be, but I am.

The uncertainty grows closer. Will I drown?

Oh, why does my heart tremble within me? Why is my spirit afflicted by darkness? Stand strong, oh my soul, and see what the Lord your God will do. Stand in the power of His peace; you have none of yourself.

I am sometimes ashamed to admit that I wobble. Should not a soldier of Christ have a strength like steel? Christ lives in us - how can we waver? Wheres does the fear come from? If not from Goodness Himself, then from evil. But we have been set apart.

I doubt daily when life is up to me. Do I have the strength, the wisdom to succeed?


But I have not received the spirit of slavery to fall back in fear. Rather I have received the Spirit of adoption as a precious daughter, by Whom I can cry, "Abba! Daddy!" (Romans 8:15)


I can't let You down, because I was never holding You up. Hold me up.

Bring peace and calm as I have never known, and assurance that I am walking beside You. Let me breathe, Breath of God. Restore to me the joy of my salvation and the glory of my inheritance.

"One day at a time," my mantra has been. How could I forget it. When I look beyond tomorrow, I doubt. To Him who holds tomorrow, and every day beyond, "Help me walk with you today."

I have no cause for worry, misgivings, or for fear;
      The One never bound by time stands beside me here.
The path down which we travel, He has already trod
      And He knows that it leads onward to the home of God.
My soul secure forever and in His bottle every tear.

Yet still my spirit flutters and heart spurns to stay
       Fixed on His all-knowing guidance along the narrow way.
"Child, will you never learn that He who holds your hand
       Has been entrusted with your heart and forever faithful stands?
Exhale your binding worries; upon His bosom lay."

O God of peace, I trust you, though feelings still protest
      And still my flesh can worry though my spirit has been blessed.
When I stand before You beyond this time and place
      I want to hear You say, "My Dear One, by Me you kept the faith."
So into You alone, oh Christ, though shaking I will press.

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