Saturday, February 5, 2011

Consuming Love

I am nothing.

Often I forget that. I puff myself up and attempt to make something of the bones and brains that comprise this body. I try to accomplish things that matter. I fill my hours and days with tasks that outwardly are significant, but in truth are trivial pursuits. I dream of becoming great, and forget what true greatness is. I complete the items on my to do list and wonder what's next.

But I am still nothing.

And that isn't even the astonishing part.

I am gripped by a word, a feeling, a commitment that can never be broken. Love. It stops me in my tracks. I am left gaping. It is too wonderful to be true, and yet I cannot deny it. It towers over me, I cannot escape it's shadow. I do not want to. Love consumes nothing, and what is left?


I am love, I must be love. Yes, sometimes nothing still rears its ugly head, but love conquers all. When love fails to pour forth, when love fails to consume all the nothing around me, I must remember that once, I was nothing.

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