Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quotation Tuesday

"We should not expect something easy. We should pursue what is worthy, whatever the cost." -Brother Andrew

As Christians we are not called to a life of ease, instead we are urged to "take up our cross and follow" Jesus Christ (Luke 9:23). Christ not only took up His cross, but He died upon it. When we are called to imitate Christ we are called to imitate Him in His suffering as well as His triumph. Only Christ is worthy of our very lives, to give up all for Him is not a punishment, rather it is the greatest privilege we could be offered.

Lord, I give you my life. Do with it what you will. If it means death, give me the grace to die with your praise on my lips. If it means prolonged suffering grant me patience to endure it in the image of Jesus Christ. If it means periods of rest and relative comfort may I use those times to encourage others in the faith and to prepare myself for the next trial I will face. All I have, all I am, is yours. Make it glorious so that it may bring you glory. Amen.

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