Monday, September 20, 2010

The Way We Have Chosen to Live

Prayers for them each and every day.
Thoughts about how I might help, making their story my own.
Inspiration to escape the cage that held me captive
in complacency, discouragement and sin.

Tears when I failed them, but really failed Him.
When I forgot why I was so absorbed in living this way
and it became a fight for recognition.
When pride puffed me up,
and the tears scalded my cheeks as conviction hit.

Work for their ministry when school needed to be done.
It made me smile to know I was helping
and more people were hearing.
Even if they had no clue who I was.

Tears when they failed me.
When I couldn't understand why,
and couldn't find sense in the answers they gave.
When I realized that all would fail me.
All but Him.

Laughter when what they had begun brought me joy
through dear friends
and conversations late into the night.
Even if they would never know
it had changed my life.

Tears when they lost what they loved so dearly.
Pain for days when I had no way to say how sorry I was.
Even more pain when I knew
they were selfish tears because she was happy
and He was sovereign.

Smiles when I met them face to face
and they knew my name.
When I knew I was right
and they would always be examples of Him.

Satisfaction and new determination
to live this way.
Not because of their idea
but because of His sacrifice.
Reminded by their example
why we had all chosen to live this way.

Prayers once again
when we parted ways.
That they would stay focused on Him
remembering why they have chosen
to live this way.
Even if they forget who I am.

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