Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Perfect Proposal

I knew about Him. Knew quite a bit about Him, in fact. I didn't care for Him though... no, not at all. When He passed by I looked the other way. We never spoke, and if we did it was because I couldn't avoid it. I wouldn't dream of doing anything for Him, or spending time with Him. But one day He just asked. He asked me if I would spend forever with Him. When I asked why the answer was simple. "Because I love you." But I had never done anything for Him. Why would He love me, let alone want to be with me forever?

But His strange, seemingly unfounded love intrigued me. So I agreed to spend forever with Him. Just because I believed He loved me. As we began our journey together He taught me about Himself. I had known of Him, known about Him, yes. But I had never known Him. Suddenly I found myself doing things for Him. Serving Him, and wanting to. After many years I looked back and realized I had grown to love Him.

I hadn't always loved Him, but He had never given up on me. Now I could finally return a portion of the love with which He loved me. I would never love Him nearly as much as He had first loved me. After all, He was the one who had loved me enough to ask. To ask me to be with Him forever. I am glad He did. I am glad He asked before another came to woo me, to win my heart. Any other would have asked for me to love Him before asking to spend forever with me. Not Him. He didn't need my love. To be with me was enough.

Thank you for asking, dear One. If you had not I would never have known, never have understood a perfect proposal, which can happen if only preceded by perfect, unconditional love.

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