Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thinking on Him

I try to think
of beauty, of love.
I try to focus on something beyond.
Out, away from everything.
He is bigger, He is there
knowing Him requires
thinking on Him.

Wind, waves, work, and woes.
Everything but Him comes creeping in.
The noise crowds Him out
the light expels Him when thinking begins.
The lists of words and things undone
all keep Him away as hard as I try
to think on Him.

A place where all is quiet
does it exist?
not even bird songs to distract from
thinking on Him.

so far in that nothing
can penetrate.
Not light, or noise
or bird songs.
There where He is
and thinking on Him
can truly begin.

Sometimes we just need to spend some time in meditation on the Lord. It doesn't matter so much where we are physically; whether it is quiet and undistracted, or not. What matters most is that our heart is in the right place. Only then, "thinking on Him can truly begin."

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