Monday, September 6, 2010


Our minds are amazing things. We can keep track of the list of things we need to accomplish, we can remember facts, dates, and names. We can call to mind past experiences in order to make decisions about the future. But even though our minds were designed and fashioned by Almighty God, and are a reflection of his wisdom and splendor, they are still human, and they are still tainted by sin.

We can remember assignments and the latest news, but we go for days without once thinking about the millions who live in darkness all around the world. We fail to recall a Bible verse to our minds for hours on end if for no reason than to enjoy it and draw courage from it. While living inside the domain of our comfort we shut out any reminders of the ever present ugliness of the world. Some things are painful to remember, somethings bring tears to my eyes when I draw them out of my memory bank, but oftentimes remembrance is necessary.

The Cross was horrific, and yet the Lord commands us to take communion "in remembrance of me." If we did not set aside time to consciously and purposely remember we never would, and therefore, we would never have cause to rejoice in his redemptive sacrifice. If we do not take time to remember the suffering of the world we will forget to fight to share Christ's redemption with it.

The following is the chorus of a song I wrote reminding us to "Remember."

Remember the pain, the nails I took for you.
Remember the pain, that you see before your eyes.
Remember the pain; why do you do what you do?
Remember the pain, and don't give up the fight.
Remember the pain, because they're fighting for their lives.

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