Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quotation "Tuesday?"

I am so sorry that this is a day late, I was gone pretty much all day yesterday and did not have a spare moment to blog. So here is your quote for this week, a day late, but no less convicting.

"You have never met a mere mortal." ~ C.S. Lewis

Never, ever in your life have you met a mere human being. Every single person you come in contact with (not to mention the people you don't) is made in the image of an Almighty God, created with a soul which balances on the brink of an abyss; the decision between the narrow way and the road that leads to destruction. If we would only realize this we would not be sitting idle right now, not able to recall the last time we shared our faith with one of those precious souls. Oh, what a great gift we have been given! We have the knowledge of Jesus Christ, His unfathomable love and ultimate sacrifice. Imagine, for one moment, what it would be like to live without that knowledge. In that moment what did you feel? Confusion? Fear? A sense of abandonment? Despair? This is how so many souls feel every day of their lives because they have not heard of the peace that surpasses all understanding. They have no knowledge of the love and sacrifice that covers sin. They don't even know there is a way to feel differently.

Mere mortals do not exist. Remember that. Do not pass by a soul on the brink of despair without offering a word of encouragement, a word of hope, a Word that could change their lives forever.

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