Saturday, June 15, 2013

Today's Grace Is Evident

No profound words today (not that I'm claiming any of these jumbled jarbles as profundity) - just profound feelings. They can't be sorted out, can't be held at bay, can't be described, categorized, or analyzed. I've tried to talk them out, think them out, pray them out, even daydream them out. Nothing.

Still as full as I ever was. Full of what, though, I'm not sure. 

It's frustrating really. So, when what is usually easily explained becomes intangible elusive, we turn to the measureable - today's grace. The gifts from Him we can't miss if our eyes were open with  the looking.

-- Jim's singular, knowing smile as I walk into the gym.
-- Gluten-free french toast. Oh yes.
-- Wearing Anna's skirt from Kenya - oh, I miss her. 
--  Cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches.
-- Hearing "Miss Elsie" from the youth pastor's munchkins.
-- Obedience
-- Laughter and giggly little boys.
-- Sea breezes. 

There is grace, even in the midst of the inexplicable. As long as I can still see it, I can be alright with everything that still isn't sorted out. 

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