Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Anticipations

The eve of a new year.

And the pens are flying and the lists get longer with resolutions and expectations for me. Lists of everything I'll do, but how many will fail by Valentine's Day?

Because it's not worth it to expect anything of me, when I have no power in myself to lift a finger in fulfillment of promises made and resolutions set.

So, what if instead of resolute expectations of ourselves that can only crumble and fall, we built up blazing anticipation for the glory and work of God? 

Expectation is a vessel with room enough to carry doubt - when we expect, our object of hope is not sure, but probable.

Anticipation, though, sees as it's object the assurance of sure hope and all that we have been promised will come.

We don't expect our glorification -  we anticipate it.
We don't expect our resurrection - we anticipate it.
We don't expect Christ's return - we anticipate it!

I need watchwords. Talismans of reminder for all that Christ is daily teaching me.

Watchword 2013: Anticipation

And to accompany it, a word from the Word that reminds me here in my watchtower to persevere and to press on in anticipation in all the chaos of mere expectancy.

Romans 12:12

"Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer" (ESV).

Why? Because of anticipation and all the sure knowing of all that He is bringing us in 2013.

Join me, friends, and let's unpack this anticipation together.
Let's learn to live it, breathe it, dance it, sing it.

And all will be pure re-joy-cing in this anticipation year.

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