Saturday, October 6, 2012

When we are caught in unknown need...

He knows me better than I know myself. I doubted.

Does He really know what I need?

What I want, maybe. But what I need? I don't even know most of the time.

Need. It's an interesting word. It describes a state in which something is lacking, but do we always realize it?

We talk about meeting people's felt needs, so that they feel cared for and loved, and so that we feel successful in ministering. We meet seen needs: hunger, shelter, clothing, education, health.

We reach out with our hands in response to our eyes instead of in response to our hearts overflowing with Him and they're twisted, broken, empty... and aren't our greatest needs the ones we don't know we have?

"The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God.'"

A fool sees no need for the Saviour He claims does not exist, but if we see someone drowning helplessly in a sea of lies won't we attempt to save them, and if someone is running recklessly toward a cliff who is there to run recklessly after them? 

I was running yesterday. In India. Little India, Chicago.

Running as a nurse after those who don't appear to be sick, to bring them to the Physician who sees all unseen ailments. Running after the blind, bleeding, broken to tell of the one who healed the blind when they called out, "Son of David, have mercy!" One who stopped a twelve year hemorrage with the edge of His garment. One who accepted the reckless worship of a prostitute because He knew only the worship of Truth would bring healing to her brokenness spilled out like perfume over His feet.

I was able to run closer to some today. A few extra hours of just being available helps close the distance.

But I was being chased too. And I couldn't see where I needed to be caught.

I had prayed about extra hours, and stepped in faith to claim the moving of His Spirit through them.

You brought what I hadn't prayed for.
You brought what my heart had only cried for.

A few more hours of just being available helps close the distance. 

That's what she offered. Mentorship. Prayer. Christ-centered conversation.

Auntie from India filling needs, reaching out with heart to be the hands of Jesus.

It's good to be chased,
and caught in unknown need.

The Maker does know His creation better than the creation knows itself.

Praise Him.

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