Monday, December 12, 2011

What Do You See, Lord?

12 - 12 - 2011 Today's date.

I was required to write it for two final exams today, and it shocked me. They say time flies when you're having fun. I think time just flies no matter what you're doing, but what should that tell us? My life is passing me by; the days are a whirlwind around me, and though I am what most would call a "young 'un" I don't know how much longer I'll be here. The frailty of my life is an ever present reality.

One of my final assignments for this, my first semester of college was to record the significant events of my life to this point, in order to observe how the Lord has been orchestrating those events to sovereignly accomplish His purposes. I'll be honest; it was a challenging, and at times aggravating assignment. I am an individual who appreciates order, rejoices in lists and planning, and contentedly sighs when stories end "happily ever after." Contrary to what I would wish, my story doesn't fit in a compact package tied with ribbon. No, it looks more like a trash bag bursting at the seams, and for the most part I'm at a loss to make sense of what God is doing.

What was the purpose of the close friendships that have been cut off, ended without explanation and without a goodbye? What was the purpose of over ten years of focused training in one skill when it appears that I will never use that skill again? What will the outcome of family tension, brokenness, and harboured resentment be? Will these things ever be resolved? Will they ever find their place in the story, a place that makes sense?

I have to trust that they will. I wonder if the great heroes of the faith ever felt as I do about their stories. Yet now countless authors clamour to retell their inspiring tales that seem to come together so perfectly. Will my story ever look anything like that? Maybe, but maybe not; at least not to us. God sees what we can't. He sees the impact that those abruptly shortened friendships had. He sees the purpose of rigorous training to learn discipline, passion, and patience. He sees how He is molding each member of His family through trials and triumphs that don't seem to make sense. He sees people, not events.

How much of my life have I yet to live? Perhaps most of it, and then again, perhaps most of it has already passed. Whatever the events of the rest of my life, they will find their place. God sees the friendships even closer than those past that will come to expected or unexpected ends, and He sees the character they will build and the beauty that will grow from them. He sees the training in righteousness that is not dependent on training in human skill, but uses worldly training as a platform for lessons of a spiritual nature. He sees frustrations, sorrows, and joys that may all happen on the same day and in the same place, but will come together to form a people set apart for His glory. He sees the events of my life building people, not me progressing through a series of events.

Time is flying by. Lord, give me your eyes to see the beauty of the people you are molding, shaping, sanctifying, and saving. The packages may not be complete, and the ribbon will be tied when their last breath is taken, but the pieces are coming together to make something beautiful.

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  1. So beautiful.

    This post really hit me. Found out not long ago that a friend was killed in a car accident this morning. My heart is so sad, but God has a purpose for all of it...