Saturday, September 10, 2011

Postmodernism and Sociology

This week we will discuss postmodernism in relation to sociology, or how a general society might look to the postmodernist. Once again the theme of relativism is clearly dominant, overthrowing any absolutes or definitions for what a postmodern society would look like. Areas like education, marriage or sexuality, forms of government, etc., are based almost solely on personal preference. One can believer whatever he or she chooses, so long as that belief or preference does not include the claim that their way is the only way or the "correct" way. There is not right sexual orientation, there is no correct form of education or government, all preferences are equally valid.

Christianity, and traditional Western society as it has been known, have been ridiculed and despised by postmodernists, because they are perceived as being intolerant, convinced that their way is the only right way. As Christians, we must be convinced that our way is the only right way, because it is the way that God has ordained. If we do not believe that then the unshakeable foundation of our worldview will begin to crack. We must not let those who stress tolerance intimidate us, but clothed in the armour of God we must stand against the schemes of the Devil, in all areas, sociological ones included.

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