Sunday, September 18, 2011

Postmodernism and Law

Law is often a category of worldview that we forget has worldview implications. Today, as we explore postmodernism's manifestation in the legal realm I hope to show how important a correct view of law is to our worldview. Postmodernism most blatantly displays itself in law in Critical Legal Studies (CLS). CLS views law simply as a tool for political power. Truth is subjective, relative and not absolute, so those working in the legal realm can use law to climb the power ladder. Law is no longer based on principles of absolute right and wrong, but on politics and the acquisition of power.

Does convicting someone of murder or rape help you gain power or does it gain power for the person you are working for? Then in this instance you rule that murder or rape is wrong and ought to be punished. Next week though pardoning a murderer or a rapist may be in your best interests, so now it is no longer a crime.

Those hungry for power find that this philosophy of law wonderfully satisfies and supports their appetite for control over other people, and it even provides them with the illusion that they are controlling the ethics of the world as well. Unfortunately, they will quickly find that such a view of law leaves their world in shambles as countless people strive to gain superiority over each other. In the end their greatest disappointment will not be losing in the race for power, but failing to recognize the futility of that race as they stand before a holy and righteous God and are judged according to His absolute standard of right and wrong. Perhaps those judged most severely by an Almighty God will not be those who recognized the rightness of God's law and boldly decided to defy it, but those who recognized His law and attempted to extract it from the fabric of society.

What is law? Is it based on an absolute moral and ethical standard, or is it a subjective tool in the hands of sinful and depraved human beings? Is it possible that it could be both?

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