Saturday, July 2, 2011

To Know You Are Loved

I struggle with a desire, a desire to know that I am loved, admired, accepted, a sought after companion. The human heart gasps for signs of these affections. Affirmation; to know you possess desirable qualities. This desire reveals a dark corner of my heart, a crevice that I have not yet allowed my Saviour to fill. He can satisfy my craving. He calls me His beloved, and asserts that His desire is for me (Song of Solomon 7:10). Why do I still crave? I know that even when the longed-after affirmation is provided by others that it does not fill the deep void. I hear praise, yet do not appreciate it. I drink in words of admiration, yet am never satisfied. Why do I still crave? When all I long for is within my reach, why do I sigh with discontent?

Mend my shattered heart. Speak truth into my disillusionment. Love what is hopelessly flawed. Breathe life into broken death. Fill what can only be filled by You. Silence devil's lies. Purify. Refine. Renew. Satisfy.

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