Tuesday, March 22, 2011


In my life I have never really had to deal with the problems and pitfalls of success, whether it be in sports, school, or something else. I never imagined I would have to retrain my thoughts, killing my pride, so that I could again deflect the glory to God. I do not want to be known for my success in things that will not last. I want to be known for being a beacon of light that shines, directing the gaze of those watching to Jesus Christ.

Over the past several days I have experienced success, overwhelming success as the world would define it, but I want to remember the past few days, not as a period of success, but as a time in which I learned a lesson in humility that Christ was just waiting to teach me. I have a responsibility to glorify God with my gifts. To me much has been given, and from me much is expected by my Lord. I do not care for the expectations of the world. I look only to please my Saviour. If I never "succeed" again, may I be overwhelmingly successful in the sight of my God as a child of the King.

Chris Sligh sings a convicting song called Empty Me. He wrote it after participating in American Idol, and realizing how easily success could become his idol and pride could fill his heart. I could never really relate to him until now, and I thank the Lord for the reminder in these lyrics.

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