Friday, November 12, 2010

Numbers 27:5

Yesterday I had no words, until I turned to the ultimate Word to be refreshed.

"Moses brought their case before the Lord." -Numbers 27:5

Notice that Moses did not delay in bringing the case of the Israelites before the Lord. He did not seek the advice of his brother Aaron, or of his wife, or the leaders of the twelve tribes. He brought the case directly and immediately before the Lord. There was a problem, and the Lord had not yet instructed Moses concerning this situation. He knew that the Lord alone could advise him. How often do we turn to family or friends for relief, for advice, or for approval before kneeling before the throne of God with His Word before us and His Spirit moving within? Too often the Word is our last resort, instead of our first stronghold. If a pipe in your home was leaking you would not first seek your mother's help, or the assistance of your best friend, but you would call on the plumber whom you know can repair the ailing pipe. It is the same with our Saviour. He alone who knows our every need ought to be the one whom we seek at the first sign of trial or hardship. He ought to be the first one we thank when we see blessings shower us, and He ought to be the one that ascribe glory to when a victory is won in our lives.

Why seek the fallible when the infallible is within your reach? Why call on a mortal man when the immortal God is standing by, eager to hear your request? Why pine after the finite advice of man when the infinite Word of God dwells in your heart through the miracle of the resurrection? Run after your God, dear Christian! Seek Him alone with all of thine heart. Do not look for answers, or for pleasure in the bosom of any but Him, for you shall not find it. He has already promised to supply your every need. Have you received such a promise from any other? Than bring not your case before them, but before Him who has promised.

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