Monday, October 4, 2010


"Now the man Moses was very meek."
-Numbers 12:3

What is to be said of meekness, Christian? Is it a strength or a weakness in men? Is it a desirable character trait, or a deplorable one? Moses was meek, and he led a nation. He walked and talked with God Almighty. Christi was meek, for he stood as a 'sheep before its shearers,' and 'opened not his mouth.' He was resigned to the will of God his Father, and would not raise a finger to oppose it. Meekness is the quiet strength of a man who rests in God's will. In our world today the quiet strength of meekness is often looked down upon and mistaken for weakness. Too many men think they must prove themselves through a show of physical strength and brute force. They feel that is where their power lies. But true and lasting strength comes only by submitting to God's will in meekness, and resting in His power, so much greater than our own. Fight for strength no longer, young men and women, but submit to the Lord and witness the power of His Spirit fill you to overflowing.

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