Saturday, October 16, 2010

How Long?

"How long will this people despise me?
And how long will they not believe in me,
in spite of all the signs I have done among them?"
-Numbers 14:11

The Children of Israel had just refused to enter the Promised Land, and were asking to return to Egypt when the Lord uttered these words. 'How long...?' It is easy to see why God began to call the Children of Israel 'a stiff-necked people.' He had sent ten plagues upon Egypt, while sparing them. He had parted the Red Sea and provided water, manna, and quail in the wilderness. And yet they lacked faith enough to believe that God could secure for them the land he had promised.

Examine your life, Christian. Could the Lord say the same of you, calling you 'stiff-necked,' asking 'how long?' Let not your mustard seed of faith be sabotaged by the daily grind of life, but cast your cares upon Him who cares for you and cling to your faith with the last ounce of your strength. It is your life ring, never forsake it.

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