Monday, August 30, 2010

Spurgeon in the Evening

If you do not have a copy of Charles Spurgeon's devotional Morning and Evening I urge to get one or read it off the internet each day. While it is no substitute for daily feasting on the inspired Word of God it is Biblical and encouraging. Each day it draws knowledge from a verse of scripture in a profound, but simple way. Each morning I begin the day with Spurgeon, and then go on to dig in God's Word for myself before reflecting my thoughts in my journal. I find that just a short paragraph or two from Spurgeon's devotional awakes my mind and prepares me to see the scriptures in the light of the cross and my personal experience. In the evening I again read Spurgeon just before bed, and fall asleep resting on the promises of God's Word and meditating on the day.

Just last evening I was blessed by Spurgeon's insight into Numbers 6, verse 4. You can read what he says here, and also find the readings for every morning and evening of the year. I hope you are blessed and edified by the writings of this man of God, as I have been.

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