Sunday, April 18, 2010

Redeem the Time

As I begin to get used to using my computer again after a long break I do not want to fall into the trap that I found myself in before my break. As a Christian my goal is to be like Christ in everything I do (though I often fail miserably), and to live my life according to His Holy Word. Every action must have a purpose, but not just any purpose, a holy purpose, and that includes how I use this gift called a computer. We have only been given so much time on this earth, and I want to use it doing useful, edifying, and God-honoring things. Last night, as I did my evening devotions, by the grace of God I stumbled upon these verses in Ephesians 5:
Look carefully how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. (v. 15-16)

We only have so much time, how are we going to choose to use it? The days are evil, we can see this all around us. Will we use our time to combat these evil days, or will we use our time for our own pleasure and do nothing about the evil around us? Every minute used wisely counts for the Kingdom of God, and every minute wasted in futile things counts for the Enemy; whose side are you fighting on?

There is a story told about Robert Louis Stevenson when he was a young boy. At that time lamplighters still walked the streets at dusk lighting the lamps so that people could find their way around after dark. One night, as Robert was getting ready for bed, he was watching the lamplighter come to light the lamps. "Look Mommy!" Louis exclaimed, "There is a man coming up the street making holes in the night."

We live in a dark world, a world that is living in the black of night, but with the power of the Holy Spirit we can "make holes in the night." As Christians our witness, and our testimony can make a big difference in the lives of others, but only if we are careful about how we use our time. How can we walk the streets of our world making holes in the night if we are not preparing ourselves, training ourselves how to be lamplighter, and praying for our light to shine as brightly as possible?

By God's grace may I redeem my time, using it wisely, so that I may be an effective lamplighter, and have others notice how my light makes "holes in the night."

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