Friday, February 5, 2010

When Jesus Calls

As Christians, as followers of Jesus Christ we have been called, in more ways than one. Our Master first called us to Himself when he chose to save us, and now as redeemed children of God he calls us in different ways throughout His Word. In each instance we can take His Word and hide it in our hearts, and we can heed his call, or we can turn away from His voice, and refuse to answer His call. Over the next several months I will be exploring the different ways in which Jesus calls us, and the different things to which he calls us. We will begin with the call of Salvation, then we will look at the different things that we, as believers, are called to. If there is a specific "call" of Christ that you would like me to address please comment here and let me know! I look forward to exploring the calls of Jesus Christ with you all. God bless!

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