Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Number 100!

Hey Y'all!

In February I will have been blogging for a year. Godz Dancers has come quite a long way since then, and I owe any and all progress to the grace of my Almighty Heavenly Father. I'd like to use this 100th post to say thank you to those who have been an inspiration and encouragement in my life in the past year.

First of all to my parents; you are always patient and constantly full of grace. You are an ever present and tangible example of the love of Christ Jesus. Thank you for being who you are, and kindly but firmly "training me up in the way I should go."

To my sisters, Hannah and Leah. We argue, same as all siblings, but I still love you tons! Thank you for teaching me patience, even if you didn't necessarily intend to. I'm really surprised that you didn't put me up for adoption long ago, thank you for putting up with my odd interests and passion for things you don't always understand.

To my dear friend Sarah: you are a constant answer to prayer. When I need someone to laugh with, you're there, when I need someone to cry with you're even closer. Thank you for all the long emails, tweets, and talks. I love you dear!

To my dear sister in Christ, Hannah Marie. Thank you for you ever gentle, and always perfectly timed corrections, you have brought faults to my attention that I never knew existed. Thank you for your constant words of encouragement, and your levelheadedness at times when I tend to get emotional. I love you dear sis!

To my friends near and far, Betsy, Devorah, Gracie, Brianna, and Ana. I think of you often, and pray for you constantly. Thank you for encouraging me, and believing in me when I didn't believe in myself. I hope to see you again Lord willing.

To my "Co-workers" over on the Rebelution forums, among them Rebeka, Andrea, Samuel, Justin, Daniel, Kristin, Mary, Nicole, Gabriella, and everyone else! You are all like brothers and sisters to me. I am blessed to be part of such a close knit, like-minded group of young people. You all give me hope for the rest of our generation! ;) I would love to meet you all in person one day, but may everything be as the Lord wills.

To everyone I didn't mention by name, don't think that you have been forgotten. You have blessed me more than you know. May the Lord bless and keep you as you strive to please him.

To my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, your blessings to me in the last year have been unimaginable, your grace is beyond measure, and your great love is so undeserved. Nevertheless, you have chosen to bestow your blessings upon me, to grant me your all-sufficient grace, and to love me even when I am unloveable. Help me to use your gifts to bring you glory.

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