Monday, December 21, 2009

True Humility

What is humility? So often humility is seen as having a modest view of yourself, thinking very lowly of yourself. This is a good thing, right? As Christians we should think of others "more highly than ourselves," but that is not all that humility is. If we only lower ourselves as far as we can we end up with a false sense of humility, and we end up grinding into the mud the creation of God.

I have a very difficult time accepting compliments or thanks from others. I tend to put myself down, saying, "It was nothing, don't thank me." Is this wise? Is this really humility? No. Today I struggled with these questions, and I asked the Lord, "I feel so unworthy, how am I to accept a compliment, or thanks?" So simply he said to me, "Do not turn down the compliments and thanks, simply and humbly accept them." "But Lord," I said, "I am unworthy, and I do not deserve the compliments given to me." "My Child, have you forgotten the great price I paid for you? Have you forgotten that you have been washed in my blood and clothed in my righteousness? No child of mine is unworthy! I have made you worthy! When you pridefully turn down compliments and thanks you throw my gift of Salvation back into my face, and you say that my blood was not sufficient to make you worthy. When opportunity to spread my name, or bless others arises, do not turn it down! I have chosen you to complete the tasks before you. I have given you everything you need. I have made you worthy! When you do something well and someone commends you for it, say thank you. By doing so you point to me, you stand unashamed of your great worth because of me. You are worthy, everyone covered in my blood has been made worthy! Never deny that! When you can accept praise as my worthy and redeemed child without being ashamed, and without trying to keep the praise for yourself, then, and only then, will you have attained true humility."

We are worthy! So often we feel unworthy, unworthy to complete the great tasks He has given us, or to accept praise for a job well done. But if we are resting in who he has made us, and the worth his blood gives us, we will never turn down an opportunity to serve him, and we will never refuse compliments or thanks that can serve as a testimony to His great love in making what was once unworthy, worthy.

Thank you Lord, for making me worthy. May I never again abuse your great gift by turning down a compliment, or thanks. Give me the true humility to accept them, knowing that by doing so I point to you, the one who has given me my true worth. In you, and because of you, I am worthy.

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