Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Son of God has Been Born!

He stared at her, a blank look on his face. A million scattered and confused thoughts were running through his head. How could she? She had promised, it was all settled... and... and now this! He ran his hand through his long sandy blond hair and turned away from her, his thoughts still a mix of bewilderment, and sudden fright.

As she stood watching his face an unwelcome tear rolled down her pale, young face. Of course, how could I expect him to believe me? This sort of thing happens all the time, why should I be different from anyone else? But she was different, very different, and she knew she was right.

"You have to believe me." She whispered, almost inaudibly. "I can't. You know what you have to do.... if you want to uphold our agreement," he said, with his back still towards her. He couldn't bring himself to look at that pale, pleading face again. He knew if he did he might change his mind... and he couldn't do that. He couldn't live his life knowing that the tears of a girl had made a fool of him. "Do it quickly, I'll be waiting for you." Swiftly, without looking back, he walked away. How could he know that if she obeyed the lives of millions would be changed forever?

The tears came faster now, one after another, until they had forced her to her knees as they burst from her eyes, as they burst from her heart. What do I do? Lord help me, I am so confused.... Who do I obey? The confusion welled up within her, choking her, crushing her. I must, I must do what he said... if I don't he'll never forgive me.

She made her way, slowly, up the narrow path. Her legs felt like lead beneath her, but she was determined, she could not lose him now, because with him she would lose everything else.... her reputation, her home, and maybe even her life. It took almost all her strength to pull open the clear glass door, as she did she heard a bell ring in the distance. A phone rang as she walked in. Others, like herself, lined the small room. They seemed like frightened kittens, waiting for a ferocious dog to leap at them out of a dark corner.... but no dog ever came.... They too had looks of determination on their faces, but the looks of fear and confusion beneath were all too noticeable.

She walked to the counter, where a woman had just picked up the ringing phone. Several minutes passed as the woman spoke to the invisible person on the other end. Finally she hung up. "How can I help you?" she asked in a tired, and far-from-kind voice. "I'm here to... to..." Suddenly her legs would no longer support her weight, and the sobs and tears came rushing up into her throat once again. "Here, fill this out, and bring it back to me," the woman said, as if she hadn't noticed the breakdown.

Slowly, through tear-filled eyes she filled out the paper, she answered the questions almost without thinking. As in a daze she walked back to the counter and handed it to the woman... the same woman? She wasn't sure. As she took her seat again she noticed that the room never emptied, never became less full, even though people were constantly coming and going.

Her name, someone had just called her name. It was one of the women, they all looked the same now. "Follow me." She followed her through a door, and into a narrow corridor. Painfully, slowly, she walked to the end of the corridor, and was led into a small room. White walls surrounded her, a white door closed behind her, and she was alone again.... or was she?

From the other side of the room came a woman. The same one? Maybe, maybe not. Behind her came a man, the first one she'd seen in this place.... He wore a white coat, and he was placing a white mask over his face. The look in his eyes was cold and unfeeling, she looked away to avoid his piercing stare. I just want to be done with this, and go home... They were beginning, it would soon be over.

Back and forth he paced, her face ever before him. Again and again he saw that single tear roll down her pale and pleading face. "What she told you was true," a voice said behind him. A man in casual clothes, with a kind a caring face stood behind him. What have I done? Lord help me! Let it not be too late! His head reeled with the realization. He rushed out a door, and took off at a sprint down the road. Lord forgive me, and let it not be too late!

They were beginning, it would soon be over. Soon I'll be free, everything will be as it was before... The door slammed open, a man yelled, and a woman shrieked. In an instant there were strong arms around her. What is he doing here? I thought.... "Young man, you can't just... take your hands off that girl!" The man in the white coat barked. "You were right, I believe you. I can't let you do this, we have to get out of here!" The young man with sandy blond hair said desperately. "Thank you," the young girl whispered, fresh tears streaming down her face, but this time they were not tears of sorrow, disbelief, or regret, they were tears of relief, tears of joy. I'm sorry Lord, forgive me, thank you for saving me.

What would have happened if the Christmas story had taken place in modern times? A young teenage girl tries to tell her fiancé that a child has been conceived in her by the Holy Spirit, he is the Son of God. He doesn't believe her, and demands that she terminate the pregnancy immediately. In her confusion and fear she obeys.... until he realizes his mistake and stops her before the Son of God is brutally murdered. God's timing is perfect, the Son of God was born.

Merry Christmas All! :)

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