Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hope of His Steady Love

Why does it seem that wherever I turn
confusion engulfs me? Oh, how I yearn
for the peace that runs deep, and the faith that is sure.
Unfailing trust, and desires that are pure.

I know that you dwell in the depths of my soul,
and yet often I flounder in the storm and the cold.
The storm of life, and the cold of great doubt.
All the wrestling within me, and the turmoil without.

Where can I hide, where is there safety?
Peace like a river? Is there one? Maybe?
All that I seek seems to have gone extinct,
now all I can see is my soul on a brink.

The brink of despair, the brink of unanswered questions.
"Why am I here? What is your plan?", I question.
I am ready to jump, I am ready to fall,
I have cried and cried, but no one seems to have heard my call.

At the very last second will one appear,
with a steady hand and a voice to quiet my fears?
Will he pull me back from the brink of despair,
put his arm around me and assure me he cares?

I have yet to see the rescuer come near,
but I am waiting to jump hoping he'll come dry my tears.
I hold on to a thread, a glimmer of hope,
that there is a plan for me out there, a very faint hope.

I will not jump until all hope is gone,
and I know he is waiting just beyond the dawn.
The hope remains steady so please keep my heart pure,
there's no need for despair when HIS love is sure.

By Elsie

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