Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labour Day!

Happy Labour Day y'all!

Every Labour Day since I can remember I have wondered what it meant and why we celebrate it. Well, this year I decided to do something about that curiosity! I just researched Labour Day and I am excited to share what I learned!

Labour Day exists to celebrate and thank all the Americans who have worked so hard to make America the Country that she is. On Labour Day we celebrate the hard work ethic of American citizens and all that they have achieved since this country was founded.

No one really knows who first suggested Labour Day, but everyone says it was a great idea! The first Labour Day was held on September 5, 1882 in New York City when 10,000 American workers took the day off to have a parade and voice issues they had with their employers. These parades continued each year, but it wasn't until 1894 that Congress made Labour Day a national holiday. In May of that year a number of workers were killed at the hands of U.S. Marshalls during the Pullman Strike. President Grover Cleveland needed to quickly do something to pacify the people in Chicago, six days later the first Monday of September was declared Labour Day.

Labour Day has lost most of its meaning in recent years and is now seen as the symbolic end of summer and the beginning of a new year of work and hopefully success.

My curiosity has been satiated and I hope yours has too. Have a wonderful Labour Day!

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