Sunday, August 16, 2009

Open My Mouth

This morning as I set out on my weekly walk to Sunday school I prepared to pray as I usually do. Suddenly, as I prayed, the Lord revealed something to me that I had never seen before. Every person I passed was going about their day, minding their own business. But behind them I saw something they could not see. Satan was stalking each and every person, he was waiting for an opportune moment in which he might seize their soul. The Lord said to me, "You could prevent the eternal death of so many people and yet you walk to church every Sunday and never realize that they are dying right before your eyes." I want to be a stalker for the Lord; eyes peeled, just waiting for an opportunity to tell someone about Jesus. It should not be hard, there are opportunities all around me. Telling others about the salvation available because of the blood of Jesus Christ is our calling, our mission as followers of Christ. May I pray this prayer everyday;

Lord, open a door.
Lord, open a heart.
Lord open my mouth.

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