Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Spoken Word Series: 1 John 1

I have been trying to memorize the book of 1 John for far too long, like 2 years too long. I've switched from version to version, trying to find one that would stick.

It just wasn't happening, and I was getting discouraged.

But then I remembered that Scripture isn't static words on a page. It lives and breathes and cuts to bone and marrow. So, I have taken the living words and sought to make them live in me.

Below is the first of 1 John's five chapters, converted into spoken word, poetry of the soul that revives my soul. It is meant to be spoken, out loud. Read it aloud and breathe in life. Installments 2-5 will be coming along shortly.


From John the Apostle to believers in Jesus Christ:

1-4: From the beginning I have seen and I have heard, I touched Him and I learned how the Word of Life was revealed. And so I proclaim this eternal Life to you, to invite you into fellowship with the true and living God through His Son Jesus Christ. And all that I say is so that our joy might grow and overflow as we all come to know Him more.

5-10: God is light.

He doesn’t have light, and doesn’t just give light or create light – He is light! In God there is no night, no none at all! Not one drop of darkness can invade His radiant space.

And if we say that we have fellowship with Him and walk in the dark, then lies have invaded our hearts. But if we walk in the Light, we’re really walking in Him and we find ourselves right with God through the blood of His Son.

And if we say that no dark has invaded our hearts, our words just unlocked the door to the darkness. But if we let our words drop to their knees and confess with pleas then Light will enter with beams of faithful righteousness to cleanse and free us.

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