Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Eyes to See Grace

When my heart beats faster, I don't think straight.

All my hopes and dreams and fears and disappointments get all tangled up inside of me. When my serotonin transmitters get stuck in the stress of one overwhelming minute, everything gets backed up into a jumbled mess.

It takes time and prayer to get things flowing smoothly again.

So I read another's words and breathe them deep.

"Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him
        for the help of His presence."

Yes, yes. He is close and the Spirit breathes a wind that blows all the dust right away.

"When you can't touch bottom, you touch the depths of God," a wise woman says. A woman who has seen years and known loss and sleepless nights and exhausted days, but a woman who has also known hope and beauty and grace.

Grace. The only thing - the only One, who will strengthen me today or any day.

So, when I can't even hope to sort out the sorrow and the excitement, the fear and the anticipation in my heart and mind, I set my eyes to look for one thing in the fray - Grace.

And He's always there. Like the fourth man, like the Son of God who walked with three mortals in a seven times hot furnace. He walks with me in mine, in all my panicked incinerating mess. And He cools it with the warmth of grace.

Turning everything back to order again.

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