Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Amazed by Grace

This place has been long neglected. First weeks of work and school are filled with more important things.

Strengthened by His Grace.

See the title up there? I'm constantly learning what it means, and this past weekend was no exception. His grace sustained my encouraging words and soothing tone for a broken sister 15 hours through night and morning. His grace sustained my prayers and wisdom and decisions. His grace propped my eyes open when I couldn't. His grace has strengthened and brought me to be exactly the opposite of what I once was. 

His strengthening grace is amazing. I know it can amaze her too. 

And His grace still sufficiently sustains me. It brings just enough sleep to my nights to get through the days, just enough peace from His Word to get through the chaos, just enough truth encouragement from His Body to shake off the lies, and just enough joy in His love to break through the blanketting sadness. 

His strengthening grace is amazing. 

It can amaze us all. 

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