Sunday, October 13, 2013

Grief and Hope

Missions Conference 2013.

Light into Darkness - The hope of Christ in the horrors of human trafficking. 

This next week will be hard, heavy. Last night the despair billowed again and I braced myself for the wave - for the crushing that comes when a heart is bound to God's and His heart is crushed. It's not easy - this being made like Him. 

There is little stability in His emotion. Christ was never passive. He wept and He rejoiced. The repentance of the sinner floods His heart with delight, but the broken injustice in the world is a tsunami of grief over Him too. 

The One who knows the outcome of all things still weeps over the wrong that reigns before all things are made right. We are not alone in our tears. 

Yet still I balk, cringe, shrink from the raw emotions and intense pain of the coming week. Why don't I want to feel as He feels? 

Because for me, the line between grief and hope is the most difficult of all to walk. If I set too great a focus on grief, I am tempted to despair, but if I set too great a focus on hope, indifference and apathy creeps in. 

Master of balance, be Master in me this week. 

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