Monday, May 13, 2013


Thrown on His mercy -
One who is not
Obligated to forgive
The endlessly dark
Heart in my bosom,
Filth of my mind;
Lameness of will,
To beauty full blind.
When sin is the poison that runs through a life,
The deep of Christ's mercy heals by His might.

Thrown on His death -
Lord of all Life
Given over to wrath and
Surrenders to bite
Of my deepest Hell.
Payment in full
Made for my debt
With red poured for
Requirement met.
When death is the offering of one perfect life,
The deeps are shaken; Hell trembles in fright.

Thrown on His life -
Who alone rose
Victor o'er death and curse
Of great rift exposed
Between Maker and
All made in the
Imago Dei.
Image restored
On Hell's losing day.
When dry bones lie helpless in sin-stench black plight,
Only the God-breath can bring them to life.

By Elsie Anne

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