Saturday, April 6, 2013

These Are a Few of My Favourite Things...

Last night I needed to take a few minutes to make a list - a list of a few of my favourite things. Sometimes it takes remembering to "re-member" a torn heart - an ungrateful heart, as Ann Voskamp would say.

What memories will re-member you?

1. The way you feel as you read the last page of a good book.
2. The weight of a good memory - deep in your stomach.
3. Still being able to imagine things, because they've never happened to you.
4. The ache of sore muscles.
5. Trees
6. The happy skip inside when you receive a text message from someone you love.
7. The first blank page of a new journal.
8. How you feel like a tea kettle about to whistle when someone - anyone - tells you how much you're loved and appreciated.
9. The way getting all dressed up somehow makes you feel prettier.
10. Picking your own flowers.

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