Friday, April 26, 2013

Postures of the Christian

In class last week one of my professors went on an excursis about the postures of a person and what they should remind us of as believers in Christ. It was so encouraging and has been coming to mind constantly since then.

Standing: To stand is to be in a posture of judgement. We will one day stand before God in judgment. Therefore, we must remember to extend mercy to those who assume this posture in our presence (pastors, teachers, etc.).

Sitting: To sit is to be in the same posture as the judge - the posture of the pardoned who does not stand trial. Jesus offered Himself up as the ultimate sacrifice for sin, and when it was completed He sat down at the right hand of God. We are seated there in Christ. Whenever you find yourself sitting, remember "It is finished!"

Kneeling: To kneel is to assume the posture of honesty and humility. Prayer is the most dangerous thing we do, because of the temptation to lie before God's face. Be honest, but most importantly while praying. Kneel in prayer long enough each day to feel it in your knees and you will spend more honest time while sitting or standing.

Prostration: To be prostrate is recognize the great, burning holiness of God. No one in Scripture fell backward in the presence of God - all feel face down on the ground. Every night before falling asleep, roll over onto your face and be found in a posture of awe before God.

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