Sunday, April 14, 2013

Peace, Be Still

How long, O Lord,
Will your children sigh -
Will they search the stars
With a desperate cry?

How long will hope
Give to despair
And cracked decay
o'ercome the fair?

How long, just God,
Will these endless tears
Be the only way
To soothe searing fears?

How long must night
drag on and on?
We've near forgot
Our Father's song!

'Just long enough
For my sinless Son
To claim His glory -
'Til vict'ry is won.

Only until
Every lost sheep
Has followed His voice
To Heaven's keep.

The time it takes
For fire to refine
Each saved, silver Saint
'Til not one is blind

To sovereign ways,
Higher above,
Of gracious God,
Fountain of love.'

But I can hear
Shrill screams of pain;
They threaten to drown
All song of praise.

I see the wounds
Of blistered lives
And blurring tears
O'erwhelm my eyes.

Nations' hate is
Strong; war is common.
Your eyes must burn white
At sins of Sodom.

Yet, just maybe
You've cried Your own
Tears, and had to
Wait - with us groan.

Souls are broken;
Mending day must come.
Long waiting ended
By the Promised One.

Rock of all Strength,
Bott'ler of Tears,
Great Storm Chaser,
Say, 'Peace, be still.'

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