Saturday, March 2, 2013

Daily Prescriptions

There are some things I do every day.

Inhaler? Check.
Vitamin C? Check.
Make my bed? Check
Eat? Check.
Make my daily list? Check!

Oops. Forgot Him this morning.

Sadly, this is a true story. I can't count the times I've remembered everything but Him. We talked about first things first and thinking of Him before we even turn the alarm off, but then we have to go about the rest of our day in fellowship with the One we woke up to in our thoughts.

Some people I know like to spend a set apart time with Jesus in the evening, before bed. But isn't He worth the first fruits of our days? Surrender the day, the events and lists of all the things that need to be done, to Him first. He is meant to walk through our days with us, so why do we set out alone, and then give Him a report of what went on when we're retiring for the night? If I forgot to take my inhaler in the morning and instead took it before bed (which I have done before) it's not going to strengthen me for all the things I already did.

With His Word and my journal - His Words and my words that build us up into intimate relationship, I want to creep out of my room early, with enough time to drink deep at His feet and hand over the day to Him. I want to invite Him to walk alongside me, an active participant in all I do, not just a passive observer. And if I am living to please Him He can participate in all I pursue, with no objections or reservations. Walk with me, Jesus!

And in the coming posts I'll share some of my favourite quiet time resources - grace upon grace and God's children building one another up by sharing what He's teaching them. Tools for sitting quiet, digging into His Word, and prayer.

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