Wednesday, December 12, 2012



A word that can mean plain, crude, or base.

A word that can mean beautiful, elegant... perfect.

The Word came in simplicity.

He came as a baby, plain, exactly like you and me. Bone, and flesh. He was born into the basest of places and placed into the crudest of cradles. There in a feed trough, amidst livestock manure, molding hay, and dirt. Mary must have already been exhausted and dusty from the journey, and here she couldn't even wash herself before delivering the Saviour into dirt, Joseph's unskilled hands guiding Him into our simply ugly world.

The Word came in simplicity.

God, so far above and beyond us in holy perfection channels His blinding beauty into the most beautiful of earthly miracles. Life, birth; the beginning of a new member of mankind, but for Him just another day of existence in eternity past. So like us, and yet Mary pondered how unlike us she knew she would find Him to be. And Heaven couldn't hold it in. God was somehow contained in this baby, and the angels sang out what Christ's humanity would keep Him from declaring until He learned to speak. The Word learned to speak, to walk, to be. And the way He did, was simply perfect.

Only God could fit into so small a space so much simple.

There's a lot for us to learn about how much simple we lack.

I know things look different around here. I hope simpler.

Here's wanting my life to reflect the simplicity of the God-Babe in the manger, and not knowing where to start.

Slowly, He is simplifying my heart. Giving me one mind. His. One purpose. His. One goal. His. One love. His.


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