Sunday, December 23, 2012

The One Gift That Matters This Christmas

December 23rd.

Two days before Christmas. The biggest Christian holiday on the calendar, but really the biggest American holiday.

Our culture has bought into the temptation to frenzy, and on the eve of Christmas Eve they are all scrambling to sales and spending their last minutes emptying their too-full pockets and thinking money can buy full hearts. And how many of the Church are fighting in the fray right there with them?

Too many.

In the gym this morning the television screams at me of last minute sales and last minute gift ideas and what if this really was the last minute to give something away? What would you give?

What if this holiday - this Holy Day - became a reminder to the Church of the last minute mission of our Master? What if our last minute gift, our only Gift, was the Baby in a manger who is God come to save us?

Uzbeks, Somalis, Pakistanis. We've just shared our week before Christmas with all of them. This time of year adds increased opportunity to explain the uniqueness of Christ to them.

He is the Gift. Share Him with someone who doesn't know. Consider these days - every day - your last minutes to give Him away.

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