Saturday, September 15, 2012

Covering Love

"Hatred stirs up strife,
        but love covers a multitude of sins." -Proverbs 10:12

I have committed a multitude of sins, but Love covers them all. Love-blood has been shed and the offender is now robed white for a wedding feast. 

Love put on. Love dwelling in. We have been made His reflection. When offended and sinned against we are able to extend the grace of Blood-Love, instead of defending 

every. last. drop.

It was meant to be spilled. But we hoard.

The multitude to be covered is reduced to just a few, grace is lost, and why is it so hard to give away what was never ours to keep?

Love covers.

If we keep it, what is it covering?

Just me. Not much. Not a multitude.

Michael W. Smith said, "Love isn't love until you give it away."

It's a verb that only lives in relationship. When we hold it tight and turn it in, it dies. We die.

Give it away. Let's cover someone today.

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