Monday, March 26, 2012

Strengthened By His Grace

It's hard to forget what sustains me, but I still do. I am strengthened by His grace, and I never want to forget it. So, the Lord continually places me in situations which remind me what my power source is. His grace must be all to me.

Over the past two weeks I have been all over the country, touring with my school choir. It has been a time of stretching. For two weeks I was cooped up on a bus with forty other college students, which is an introvert's worst nightmare, but His grace sustained, and I'm still alive. :)

For two weeks I did not know where I would lay my head at night, but each night the body of Christ proved their unity as different families took us in each evening, and we grinned through yet another conversation about our majors at school and what we wanted to do after graduating, even though we would rather be in bed. His grace sustained.

Halfway through the tour I was boulder climbing in Colorado and fell roughly six feet off of a rock face. For the second half of the trip I could do close to nothing for myself, which is an independent introvert's worst nightmare, but His grace sustained and strengthened as I was humbled.

Now I am back on campus, with crutches for two more weeks, answering question after question about Spring Break, and still not able to do a lot of things for myself, which is a stubborn, independent introvert's worst nightmare, but His grace is sufficient for each day and will continue to sustain me as I live abundantly in Him.

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