Tuesday, March 6, 2012

O Thou My Heart

O thou my heart, why dost thou yearn
for wealth and treasure of temporal earth?
O thou my heart, you know thy Lord
to thee all heavenly treasure hath restored.
All I'm holding dear, may I count it loss;
all this heart revere be Your righteousness!
O thou my heart, look to His face,
the cross of Christ alone to embrace.

O thou my heart, the wealth of earth
can ne'er compare to second birth.
Chosen before creation time
to be transformed into His child.
All of heaven's gold thine inheritance;
Holy Spirit seal of His righteousness.
O thou my heart, be thou content.
To Him all praise and glory be giv'n.

O thou my heart, with crimson bought,
His body torn upon the cross.
O thou my heart, He bled for you
all earthly dross to remove.
Then He rose again, victorious;
in the light of life, the Holy One!
O thou my heart, His sacrifice
allows thee to become His bride.

O thou my heart, fall to thy knees
before the holy King of Kings.
If in His suff'ring thou wilt share
for thee a throne He shall prepare.
Daily die to self and live to Christ;
flesh and sin despise, raise His vict'ry high.
O thou my heart, cling to this truth:
good work begun He'll complete in you.

O thou my heart, in glory standest
thou before the Risen Lamb.
Crown of heaven grace thy brow,
good work complete in glory now.
Glorious legacy of His faithfulness
in the lives of those whom He purchased.
O thou my heart, now rest in peace
beneath the shadow of His wings.

By Elsie Anne

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